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Luxury Designer Clothing vs. Fast Fashion: Where Is the Truth?

It is not a secret that the contemporary world of fashion is torn between those who praise couture clothing and those who opt for “no brand” fashion. At the end of the day, everyone has the right to choose what and how they wear. However, as you know, the price differential between luxury designer clothing and the so-called fast fashion may sometimes be simply overwhelming. But is it worth it? Why do people prefer expensive stuff over the cheaper one? Let’s try to pin down if not the whole truth, then at least its most essential element.

Luxury Designer Clothing vs. Fast Fashion

Why luxury designer clothing?

It should be noted that the situation always depends on the brand. Even luxury brands do not provide all the products of the highest quality. At the same, quality is what people expect to receive when buying luxury designer clothing. Also, it is a fair opportunity to stand out among others, which many would consider a mere act of flaunting. Even a pair of designer socks might well influence people’s perception of you.

Why fast fashion?

A missing label on the article of clothing does not make it somehow worse. It only means that the manufacturer is not an established company with a world-known brand image. Again, everything depends on what clothing you buy. The most decisive benefit of fast fashion is the price. In fact, it is where the price-quality relationship is the most equal as compared to luxury designer clothing.

Where is the truth?

Though a branded dress or jacket might make you feel better about yourself, you always should know what you pay for. The price of expensive things should be justifiable; otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of becoming a brand addict. The same goes for cheaper clothing: dog-cheap apparel must be a red flag for you unless you are ready for the first wear and tear the next week after the purchase. Do not forget that a luxurious lifestyle is, in the first place, in your head rather than in the things you buy.

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