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Luxury Streetwear: A New Trend or the Death of Luxury?

If you keep up with the trends of the luxury fashion industry, you must have noticed the rise of streetwear in recent years. What once was a hip-hop culture and sports fashion is now a full-fledged niche of the luxury market. The opinion on luxury streetwear is divided. Some people consider it the last word of fashion, sort of a game-changer. In contrast, other people think that it is no more than a queer transformation of the luxury, which will eventually lead to its death. Where does the truth lie? Let’s try to find it out!

Luxury Streetwear: A New Trend or the Death of Luxury?

What is luxury streetwear, and why do people like it?

As a fashion style, streetwear emerged in Southern California circa 1980. It went viral among skateboarders, roller skaters, street basketball players, and other representatives of the urban culture.

The term “luxury streetwear” was coined in 2010. Under the impact of young & teenage fashion trends, high fashion brands started producing outfits that would fit the couture trailblazers of the time. However, the vogue went dead after a while. And just recently, in 2018, it returned with renewed vigor. How is that possible? Several reasons come to mind.

It is contemporary. In simple terms, luxurious streetwear has become contemporary art. Rebellious and bold, it attracts people with its extraordinary novelty.

Self-expression and individuality. Never before has fashion been so powerful as a tool for self-expression. In this light, casualwear is just one of the ways to speak up.

Brand loyalty. Some people, on the other hand, just remain loyal to their favorite brands dictating everyday fashion.

Luxury Streetwear: A New Trend or the Death of Luxury?

Revolution, evolution, or regression?

Everything and nothing at the same time. There is no clear evidence to suggest that luxury streetwear somehow damages the industry. If you look closer at the reasons for popularity, you will understand that it is just another phase of the fashion & beauty market. It will never kill our understanding of “luxury.” As for the changes it may bring, only time can tell what was right and wrong.

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