The Language of Nature in the New Fairy Painting by Verita Amare Et

The Language of Nature in the New Fairy Painting by Verita Amare Et

In its continuous and fervent development, humanity has long reached the point of no return. With so much focus on their artificial needs, people become obsessed with their own reality. It takes a subtle touch of an artist to show how decent and colorful life without embellishments actually is. If you want to refresh your innate senses and clear your mind, we recommend that you get acquainted with the new fairy painting “Artificum Rerumnatura” by Verita Amare Et.

“Artificum Rerumnatura,” an Amazing Fairy Painting by Verita Amare Et

The Language of Nature in the New Fairy Painting by Verita Amare EtVeronika Medvedeva, who goes by the alias Verita Amare Et, is a talented contemporary artist who has successfully mastered a variety of skills. Among them are literature, music, fashion, and perfumery. Her main focus, though, is on painting and sculpture. Recently, Veronika has presented her new fairy painting with a symbolic Latin name, “Artificum Rerumnatura.” The artwork was created in the Caucasus Mountains, using a newly discovered light development technique. Let’s see what ideas and messages Verita Amare Et wanted to convey to the viewers through her captivating art.

To understand the meaning and underlying idea of the new painting, you will need some context. In this artwork, you see a woman called Feya. She is from the nation of Feyes, people who were once outcast from humanity because of their singular abilities and high sensitivity. Feyes symbolize those who have not lost their ability to appreciate and value the beauty of nature. Such individuals usually go against the established norms and hence are often misunderstood and even stigmatized by others.

As you might have already noticed, in this new fairy painting, Verita Amare Et depicted different animals. Not only are they valuable for the inspiring contemporary artist herself, but they also embody nature. The inability of most people to understand intrinsic values and their ignorance toward real life that is full of true feelings and meaningful things are the main motifs of the artwork. It draws a viewer’s attention to the importance of information exchange with the outside world through sensation, which allows hearing the sounds of nature, the voices that turn into thoughts and that can be perceived and answered. The development of this ability – understanding the sounds of nature and the intentions of people – is comparable to learning a foreign language.

Verita Amare Et painted “Artificum Rerumnatura” in the abnormally hot summer of 2021 before big events that would rock the world in 2022, the events that the artist had been warned about by the nature in advance. The painting remains unfinished, but it is a conscious choice of Verita Amare Et who fears losing elements she discovered in the process of creating this amazing work. Such meaningful art is indeed something made not only for enjoyment but also for mindful meditation that can help people become closer to nature and see the true values of life.

The Language of Nature in the New Fairy Painting by Verita Amare Et

Photo courtesy of Verita Amare Et