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Tiffany Birch Reveals Her Art in a Series of 100+ Painting Videos

Artists are social creatures. Of course, things like natural aptitude for art, search for the best medium, and undying love for the art process are fundamental for every creator, and yet there must be a response from the audience that decides whether artworks deserve attention or not. Nowadays, the conditions are rather favorable, and so everyone can share what they want on the Internet. The talented American artist Tiffany Birch has also decided to use such an opportunity and launched a series of 100+ painting videos where she reveals her magnificent art in all its glory.

Tiffany Birch Reveals Her Art in a Series of 100+ Painting Videos

“Universe” by Tiffany Birch

A series of 100+ painting videos by Tiffany Birch

Tiffany Birch is a self-taught artist born in Jacksonville, FL, who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. The series of 100+ short videos has been launched by the artist to introduce herself to the global audience and to showcase the works from her private collection. This project is the first of its kind in Tiffany Birch’s career and a considerable step toward the exploration of her own role and place against the background of other talented artists.

Tifanny Birch is a versatile and assiduous artist who creates truly captivating abstract paintings. She is also an amazing person who takes her time to teach children’s workshops and contribute to charity organizations with her art. Tifanny’s series of painting videos is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about her work, her life, and the ideas behind her colorful canvases.

Each day, you will be able to see one painting from the artist. Most of them have never been shown before, so this must be a somewhat exclusive experience. The series starts with a work called “Universe.” As of today, there are already 16 painting videos; the rest of them are coming, so make sure you do not miss other reveals since this is truly an exceptional opportunity to enjoy high-quality art without leaving your home. Who knows, maybe you will decide to buy one of Tifanny Birch’s beautiful paintings in the future.

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