Top 4 Bizarre Paintings That Look Like Fever Dreams

Top 4 Bizarre Paintings That Look Like Fever Dreams

Imagination and fantasy are uncontrollable and unrestrictable powers that might produce images and shapes that are even hard to describe with human language. When people see some baffling and bewildering paintings, they usually find the whole message of art confusing and ambiguous. However, some artworks look like fever dreams and are hard to interpret without a background. Let’s take a look at some four most bizarre paintings that are not from this world.

Top Four Bizarre Paintings That Look Like Fever Dreams

The Song of Love, Giorgio de Chirico

A Greek sculpted head, a pinkish surgeon’s glove, a green ball, and an outline of a locomotive on a horizon. Does all this remind you of something? Giorgio de Chirico’s piece easily stirs up a fervent discussion when it comes to its meaning. While some official sources link the artwork to the artist’s life, it still looks quite surrealistic and random.

The Melun Diptych, Jean Fouquet

Out of two parts of Jean Fouquet’s diptych, the right panel usually provokes amusement and makes people ask questions. Nowadays, such a depiction of the Madonna and Christ wouldn’t be unique, but it was definitely a hot topic in the 15th century when the painting was created. Not only is it the sensual nudity of the Virgin that makes “The Melun Diptych” unusual, but also the use of intense and contrasting colors, which broke many painting traditions of that time.

The Glove, Max Klinger

“The Glove” is not a single strange painting but a series of bizarre paintings that tells the story of the glove that consumed the mind of the man who found it at a skating rink. The series starts in the real world and quickly progresses to the otherworldly settings that you might find quite distressful. Those are creepy paintings that have little to do with conscious reality.

Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son, Jusepe de Ribera

As the name of the work suggests, a viewer is supposed to see a wife, a husband, and a son. Everything seems right except for the wife’s part. Magdalena Ventura was depicted as a bearded man with a woman’s body. While breastfeeding a son, her husband stands in the shadow, which was unusual for the marital traditions and rituals of that period.

To Make It Clearer

All the bizarre paintings above are nothing more than the wildest artists’ imaginations that work miracles and give birth to ideas generated by the human mind. With some due exploration, some of the artworks will look not as eccentric and outlandish as before, and yet some strange-looking pieces are indeed worth exploring without knowing the backstory. It is what makes fine art fun!