Top 5 Greatest Sculptors of All Time and Their Iconic Sculptures

Top 5 Greatest Sculptors of All Time and Their Iconic Sculptures

The sculpture is one of the main forms of visual arts. If paintings are considered the king of the visual imagination, then sculptures are definitely the queen. Such separation is rough, and yet many people slightly underestimate the beauty, complexity, and brilliance of the sculpting process. To start acquaintance with the world of sculpture, you should know some of the greatest sculptors of all time and their masterpieces.

Top 5 Greatest Sculptors of All Time and Their Iconic Sculptures

5. Jeff Koons

The only living sculptor on this list, Jeff Koons is a true master of neo-pop art. As of today, his balloon animal series has already become an iconic and most recognizable series of sculptures.

4. Auguste Rodin

Most people know Auguste Rodin for his artwork called “The Thinker.” Only a few know that he was the father of modern sculptures. His techniques were so revolutionizing that they helped further generations to develop a new school of sculpture.

3. Gian Lorenzo Bernini

The beacon of the Baroque era, Gian Lorenzo Bernini is the creator of some of the most impressive marble sculptors ever created. The way he imitated movement and dynamic in “Pluto and Persephone” deserves a special mention.

2. Donatello

Donatello is one of the greatest Italian sculptors that the world has ever seen. His fundamental knowledge and talent were the signs that the sculptor was far ahead of his time. His bronze “David” and wood “Penitent Magdalene” demonstrate how profound his skills were.

1. Michelangelo

Michelangelo was a workaholic and thus a very prolific sculptor. He adored sculpting nude bodies since his classical art emerged from Greek and Roman precedents.

Each sculptor on this list made it possible to see the world of sculpture from the most diverse perspectives. Once you explore art by those greatest sculptors of all time, you can then touch the beauty of many more talented artists.