7 Practical Ways How Modern Artists Make Money

7 Practical Ways How Modern Artists Make Money

“How do you make money?” is one of the most annoying questions that artists get. There is a common stereotype that it is extraordinarily difficult for artists to earn a living, so they can barely make ends meet. In reality, the job of an artist is rapidly becoming more and more prestigious. If you are still wondering how modern artists generate income, here are seven ways how they can do it.

7 practical ways how modern artists make money

1. Galleries

Commercial, nonprofit, and co-op galleries are the primary way to start making money. It is arguably the most effective approach to building an art career and becoming famous.

2. Online market

Nowadays, there are myriad online shops and social media platforms where modern artists can sell art online. This year, the industry was joined by the NFT market.

3. Private commissions

If art collectors love works by some particular artists, they can ask for a private commission. A work of art specifically made for a private art collection usually costs a pretty penny.

4. Teaching

Giving private art lessons is an unusual way for artists to earn money since this job is not meant for everyone. Nonetheless, it is one of the available options.

5. Selling merchandise

Modern artists, who have already earned some reputation, can start selling their merchandise. That is how artists make brands out of their names.

6. Grants

Many art organizations, foundations, and local communities organize competitions and offer grants for the most talented artists. Both established and emerging artists can benefit from them.

7. Art blog

Some artists, who have spare time for some other creative activities, can start their blogs. However, such a source of income can only reveal itself with time.

With each new year, artist services will be becoming more and more requested. Consequently, there will be even more ways for painters, sculptors, and designers to make money in the future.