Tudor Classic Luxury Watches – Heritage as Inspiration

Tudor Classic Luxury Watches

The Tudor classic luxury watches brand confidently builds the image basing on the company’s achievements and rich past (its story began in 1926, when Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark, but the brand really started to grow only in 1946). The trend of “historical” repositioning can clearly be seen in the Heritage collection of fine watches. It became one of the key factors of the successful revival of the Tudor brand under the leadership of the new team taken the reins in their hands in 2010. Their aim is the young, urban and cosmopolitan audience, who knows a lot about technical skill.

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The first real step towards the “back to the future” can be considered the Heritage Chrono model released in 2010. This timepiece has become a new embodiment of the Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph watch produced in the 70s. Although, the original 40mm case has increased to 42mm, and the lines have become stricter and more laconic the new model has kept the main stylistic features of its predecessor. This designer watch has a vintage look thanks to its dial in gray, black or black and gray version with orange accents and pentagonal white hour markers. The Heritage Chrono model is available with a stainless steel bracelet or fabric strap in black, gray and orange bands with a buckle immediately calling to mind the safety belts of that time. This modern chronograph created in 2010 seems almost more authentic than the original model.

The second step towards the revival of the past was the premiere of the Tudor Heritage Advisor model, a prototype of the timepiece released in 1957. This automatic designer watch features the same alarm function with an additional module, but the diameter of the case has increased from 34mm to 42mm. The new timepiece has the overall style of the original model but with more dynamism. It is available in titanium and stainless steel case that fascinates with alternating polished and matte surfaces. In the best traditions of the brand, the Tudor Heritage Advisor watch that comes with a bracelet or alligator leather strap is also necessarily accompanied by a black fabric strap that will be suitable even to a tuxedo.

And the third step of the Tudor’s campaign is the release of the Heritage Black Bay watch that comes in a 41mm case. It is a combination of several iconic diving watches from the brand’s historical arsenal including its early models with an 8mm crown (ref. 7922 and 7924) and Snowflake hands (ref. 7016 and 7021). This high-end watch with elegant uni-directional rotating bezel and water resistance up to 200 meters doesn’t have a date indicator thus retaining the original design of the models produced in 1954. Thereby, these classic luxury watches revive the brand’s long-standing relationship with the world of diving (for example, the Tudor Prince Submariner model was included to the uniform of the American and then the French Navy).