Welcome to Guy Hepner, a Full-Service Gallery and Art Advisory

Welcome to Guy Hepner, a Full-Service Gallery and Art Advisory

Though the art market is vibrant and mature in NYC, it’s still possible to find galleries that have managed to stand out from the crowd and offer something exceptional to their audiences. This is true for Guy Hepner, a full-service gallery that opened its doors in 2000 and has been pleasing art collectors, dealers, and fans of cutting-edge contemporary artwork with carefully curated exhibitions and art selections since then.

What Does a Full-Service Gallery Mean?

Guy Hepner positions itself as a full-service gallery, which means that it can render a wide variety of services related to art acquisition, sale, appraisal, insurance, shipping, storage, and the like. The fine art industry is highly versatile, and art collectors often come across the challenge of finding a comprehensive service provider with everything they need in one place.

When coming to Guy Hepner, you can count on all types of professional service and advisory associated with the fine art industry. The gallery has a large team of vetted experts in the acquisition of artwork; they may complete the whole negotiation process for you and establish a reasonable market value for the work of your interest.

You can also turn to Guy Hepner for competent and timely artwork authentication, appraisal, and condition reporting. The gallery’s team consults art owners on art insurance types and can provide coverage for your artwork during storage, transportation, or display at a third-party exhibition.

The services of Guy Hepner will also be of immense value for emerging artists who want to achieve greater visibility and network with galleries and exhibitions. The gallery has a wide network of partners and collaborations in the US and international art market, thus helping young artists rise to the spotlight and amplify their impact in the contemporary art scene.

Welcome to Guy Hepner, a Full-Service Gallery and Art Advisory

Artworks Presented at Guy Hepner

Guy Hepner has a wide selection of iconic artworks by 20th-century post-war artists, such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others. It also offers solid support to the emerging voices in contemporary art by exhibiting their work. This way, the gallery has earned a reputation as a platform featuring diverse artistic perspectives.

Guy Hepner helps visitors develop a deeper appreciation of art and embrace the cultural diversity of human experience. Welcome to experience the heartbeat of contemporary art in its plurality at 521 W 26th St., New York. You are sure to feel the spirit of innovation and creativity celebrated in the gallery’s approach to artwork selection.