What Art Brokers Want You to Know about Buying Art in 2024

What Art Brokers Want You to Know about Buying Art in 2024

There is no point in denying that 2023 has brought some major changes to the artistic landscape. As technology keeps embedding itself into the core of the contemporary art market, many find themselves uncertain of its future. “How do I make wise decisions in this climate?” is a question that any art collector will find themselves asking. And who is better equipped to answer that question than an art broker? Today, we have collected advice from the leading art brokers in the industry to guide you in making lucrative investments in 2024.

What Art Brokers Want You to Know about Buying Art in 2024

Embrace the change

When things seem uncertain, your first instinct might be to stick to the beaten path. But no one says that you cannot explore the road less traveled. Let 2024 be the year of innovation. Try out mediums you haven’t explored before, and look into artists from distant countries. If you have never tried buying art online, now is the perfect time to start. The art logistics industry is thriving, and the number of works getting damaged during transit is closer to zero than it has ever been. Digital art is also another alleyway worth exploring: from digital paintings to NFTs, the opportunities are truly limitless for people who are ready to diversify their collections.

Look out for trends, but remember the classics

We have talked about some of the up-and-coming art world trends before. Being in tune with the world around you is an incredibly important skill for a collector, even with a reliable art adviser by your side. However, some things do not seem to lose their value no matter how much time passes. There are artists whose work is always sought after by collectors. Art experts predict that works by blue-chip artists like Basquiat, Pollock, and Picasso will continue to grow in value in 2024.

Beware of fraud

Unfortunately, fraud is the ugly reality of the modern art market. While scammers usually pick mainstream artists to fabricate, it is better to stay alert at all times. Getting the help of an experienced art broker is the best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of art fraud.

The art market is known to be highly susceptible to change. However, some things remain stable in the face of uncertainty. Arming yourself with the expertise and knowledge of industry professionals such as art brokers and advisers can assist you in making decisions you will never regret.