What Is an Art Block and How to Get Out of It?

What Is an Art Block and How to Get Out of It?

There is nothing abnormal in feeling discouraged and demotivated. Even the most hardworking people get into situations when they literally have no desire to do anything, be it something job-related, cleaning a room, or going to a store. In the world of art, it is called an art block, the absence of desire to create art. It is a real thing that affects almost every creator at some point in their life. To effectively treat the symptoms of creative blocks–that’s how they are also called–you need to learn to distinguish its signs and fight them.

Symptoms and Signs of an Art Block

Hard as it may be to confuse a block with other states, several symptoms make it distinguishable. Take a look:

– Inability to start painting, drawing, or sculpting

– Lack of motivation or inspiration

– The shortage of new ideas

– Feeling down and depressed

– Bringing yourself to do what you love seems impossible

As it is seen, an art block takes roots in a person’s mental and physical health. Problems usually arise from exhaustion and burnout, so the issue is not with the number of fresh ideas you might be interested in. The complexity lies in the lack of desire to generate and produce new content. So, what can be done?

What Is an Art Block and How to Get Out of It?

How to Treat Creative Blocks?

Take a break and rest for as long as you need

Some most effective methods are the simplest ones. As it was mentioned before, an art block is the result of mental or physical exhaustion. To make the sun shine again on your horizon, it would be most effective to give yourself time and recharge your batteries. It means that you need to stop working or, at least, try different activities to redirect your thoughts and distract your mind.

Try something different from what you did before

If it is hard for you to sit and do nothing or engage in some different activities, then you will want to add sparkle to your art. Change the approach to how you create artworks. It can be anything, from new art supplies and techniques to a time of the day when you start working on your projects.

Get a bit theoretical

One more way to get rid of an art block is to focus on theory rather than practice. Exploring art history, learning more about different styles and how they are used, and even starting a blog can be effective ways out of the situation. Let your hands rest and entertain your brain.

Remember that it will definitely get better – every storm passes!