What Is Loungewear, and What Are the Different Types?

What Is Loungewear, and What Are the Different Types?

Loungewear is clothing designed to lounge around in. Because why should you suffer in tight jeans or restrictive tops if you’re not going anywhere? Most of us own some kind of loungewear already. However, it’s worth knowing about some of the different types of loungewear and how to get the most comfort out of them.


Sweatpants have gone through quite an evolution. They started off purely as sportswear, before turning into streetwear and eventually loungewear. Sweatpants’ success is down to the fact that they are the most comfortable pants you can wear. The key to looking and feeling good in them is to opt for an elasticated waist and avoid anything too baggy.


Hoodies are the top-half equivalent of sweatpants. You can wear them out and about or while exercising, or you can wear them for lounging around in. Some hoodies are thicker and better for winter, while others are lighter and better for the warmer months.


Tracksuits consist of matching sweatpants and a hoodie (or a rack top without a hood). Tracksuits have become more accepted as everyday clothing in recent years and come in all different styles, from baggy fits to more shapely fits with cropped hoodies.


Leggings are another form of athleisure clothing that started as sportswear before being adopted as loungewear. Leggings don’t restrict movement while offering a tighter fit than sweatpants. They are also easier to dress up than sweatpants, making them more suitable in certain situations.

Slouchy sweaters

Sweaters are great for lounging around in on a cold day, especially slouchy sweaters. These are typically baggier and may hang off the shoulder. This can give them a cozier and less restrictive feel compared to traditional sweaters.


While it’s socially acceptable to go outside in all the above clothing, you may want to draw the line at pajamas. These are the type of loungewear you only want to wear if you’re truly not going anywhere. Pajamas can be made out of all kinds of materials, from wool to silk. Matching pajamas can be great for couples and families having a lazy day.

Robes and dressing gowns

These are in the same category as pajamas but can have their added benefits. Dressing gowns can often provide added warmth and are easier to slip on than pajamas. Towel bath robes are ideal for wearing after a shower or a bath, as they can help you dry off while you lounge about in them. Silk robes and kimonos are meanwhile a luxurious option that can keep you cool in the heat.

Nightgowns and chemises

Nightgowns, like pajamas, are primarily designed for sleeping in, but there’s nothing to stop you lounging around in them. Chemises have evolved to be a more lingerie-like version of the nightgown but can be equally suitable for lounging around in.


Onesies are the final loungewear item worth talking about. They’re a relatively new form of loungewear, which only really became popular in the late 2000s. There have been attempts to turn onesies into street fashion, but they’re typically still something primarily for wearing around the house.