What to Consider When Installing Art in Your Home

What to Consider When Installing Art in Your Home

Art is a great tool to make your home stylish, cozy, and eye-catching. Once you decide what pieces of art you want to hang in your home, you need to plan the art installation process. In this blog post, we share some valuable tips on things you need to consider before installing art in your home.

What to Consider When Installing Art in Your Home

What to consider when installing art in your home

1. Choose the color scheme

Before installing art in your space, carefully consider the color scheme. You should decide whether you want to create an accent or harmony wall. Colors can dramatically change your interior design, so it is better to think it over beforehand.

2. Provide a good lighting

Lighting has a great impact on how your art wall looks. You should ask a professional about various light options and choose the most effective one. Using the wrong lighting solution can have a detrimental effect on the quality and condition of your pieces. Make sure you set it up correctly.

Quick tip: when setting the lighting, consider the color palette (dark/light) of your artworks.

3. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture

Choose a place devoid of direct sunlight to prevent fading and other permanent damage to your art items. Moisture or flaking on the wall is the second thing to check. These factors, as well as unstable room temperatures, can seriously damage your art. Therefore, inspect your home beforehand and choose a suitable room with an art-friendly climate.

4. Hire art installers for heavy and delicate items

Installing bulky or heavy art can be quite challenging. If you cannot provide safety to your art objects during installation, hire professional installers. If you purchased a piece from an art gallery, they can recommend a reputable expert and offer professional assistance.

These were the important things to consider when installing art in your space. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth and effective setting of your precious artworks!