Will Neural Networks Replace People in the Visual Arts?

Will Neural Networks Replace People in the Visual Arts?

Neural networks have learned to draw pictures, write poems and stories, and make designs. But will artificial intelligence replace humans in the field of art?

More than a dozen services based on neural networks have already been launched on the Internet. Some of them can be safely attributed to the field of high art. Others do utilitarian tasks like creating logos or removing the background from a photo. There are also entertainment tools that also contribute to the development of artificial intelligence technologies. All of them will determine our life soon. Let’s take a look at what a neural network can already create in fine arts.


Some services have learned to draw pictures by keywords. A user must enter keywords, and the neural network will draw art objects with amazing detail and imagination. Moreover, these drawings are works of art without any exaggeration. The drawings have a unique composition, color, atmosphere, and many more.


Developer Philip Wang created two services that generate photos of people and cats. Based on millions of real photos, the network generates images of people and animals that do not exist in reality. The realism is exceptional. An image created by the neural network is no different from real photographs.


Self-creation of pictures and logos in online services is not a new thing. For many years, such sites have been working, allowing people to save on designer services. But feel the fundamental difference. Classic services are a constructor; they assemble a logo from pre-created fragments. And new neural networks come up with something new based on the information entered.

For this, you need to:

  1. indicate the name of the company;
  2. choose a field of activity (tourism, industry, restaurant, etc.);
  3. specify prototypes, offered by the service, you like (several are possible);
  4. choose the preferred color of the composition; enter a short slogan.

And now you have your original design!

Will neural networks replace humans?

Here we come to the most interesting. Artificial intelligence will continue to develop, approaching human capabilities and even surpassing them. So, will the professions of a designer and an artist become a thing of the past just like cab drivers, chimney sweeps, and ice harvesters disappeared in their time?

Probably not because design development is a complex task. This is not only a logo but also a corporate identity: the overall appearance of a site or book, font size, text, image layout, and then creative advertising and brand promotion. Neural networks, meanwhile, offer only highly specialized solutions. At the moment, professional designers should not rush to find a new job, but what will happen in 5-10 years is difficult to predict.

This also applies to paintings. Judging by the polls, viewers can easily distinguish works of artificial intelligence from human works. Beautiful, unusual, modern, but … The most important thing missing in the picture is “life.”

Real artists will not disappear. The possibilities of artificial intelligence will exist in parallel with the classical approach to art. All this only develops our capabilities and prepares us for big changes.