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A Quick Guide to Drawing Styles and Techniques

If drawing is the biggest passion in your life, and you dream of becoming a drawing artist in the immediate future, you must be wondering what technique you should choose. The problem is that there is a huge number of different drawing styles. Each one is worth trying, but it is not always easy to pick one over the other. What should you do then? The easiest way to cope with the dilemma is to learn what types of drawing exist and then take one, two, or three by the process of elimination. Let’s start.

A Quick Guide to Drawing Styles and Techniques

What drawing styles and techniques exist?

It would take an eternity to name all of the styles and give them an adequate description. Instead, we will introduce information by sections since all of the types of drawing can be categorized into three main groups. Here they are.

By medium

A pencil, pen, charcoal, ink, sand, and even flowers are all mediums that artists use for creative self-expression. Also, consider digital drawing and pixel art, which now grow in popularity due to the swift development of NFT art.

A Quick Guide to Drawing Styles and Techniques

By concept

Some drawing styles are conceptually different, meaning that their nature and focus make them distinct. You have a portrait drawing where you draw people, or you can engage in landscape drawing and create landscapes sketches. This group also includes anatomy drawing, photorealism, doodle drawing, etc.

By technique

Drawing technique is all about how you draw. You can do it by scumbling, scribbling, stippling, hatching, or doodling. Pay special attention to Pointillism, a dot painting technique that will most likely test your patience.

A Quick Guide to Drawing Styles and Techniques

Now, you know more about a variety of drawing styles and can finally choose your best type of drawing. It is recommended not to focus on one style too much time and try different mediums so that you can compare. Good luck on your new journey!

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