An Exciting Variety of Digital Arts: 4 Distinct Types to Choose

Digital arts

Whether you are a self-taught art enthusiast or a digital arts degree-seeking student, digital art might well be your ticket to stardom. With the expeditious technological development and digitalization of life, digital artists are becoming more and more sought-after in the job market with every passing year. It is no wonder that many beginner artists crave to join the digital art community. One of the main questions that newbies have to ask themselves is, “What type of art do I want to create?” And as it turns out, there are more than one or two distinctive styles to choose from.

An exciting variety of digital arts: 4 distinct types to choose

1. Digital painting

Using art software and a tablet or stylus, you can create magnificent digital drawings and paintings. Digital art programs allow you to use and combine a myriad of mediums, which is hardly possible in real life. Such artists usually work on conceptual designs for all intents and purposes.

Digital arts

2. 2D/3D graphics

Working with graphics is not akin to painting. It closely refers to graphical modeling and is used for creating a three-dimensional representation of objects and space in industries like design, architecture, film, and gaming.

Digital arts

3. Digital photography

Do not be surprised to see photography on the list of digital arts. Unlike traditional film photography, digital photography opts for digital cameras equipped with numerous electronic photodetectors. You might have already heard about commercial photography, documentary photography, fine art photography, and its other branches.

Digital arts

4. Pixel art

Pixel art is but an embodiment of digital aesthetics in its purest form. Nowadays, artists make brilliant full-color pixel artworks for both the fine art and gaming industries. Once a vintage trend, it has been greatly reinforced.

Digital arts

Thanks to such a great variety of digital arts types, everyone can find something right up their alley. If that is not enough, you can find even more computer-assisted art forms on the Internet.