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Body as a Medium: Everything You Need to Know About Body Art

When it comes to visual art, most people associate it with painting. In traditional terms, artists mostly use canvases or similar alternatives. However, there is no limit to creativity, and thus many tend to broaden the conventional understanding of beauty. That is how body art emerged. The human body became the revolutionized aesthetic notion in the art world. You might have heard of it because of tattoos, but there are many more impressive ways of how people create art using bodies.

Body art

Everything you need to know about body art

Tattoos, piercings, scarification, implants, body paintings, and full-body tattoos are the brightest examples of body art. Some of them, especially scalpelling and implanting, seem rather extreme, but you always need to remember the golden rule of art: beauty needs sacrifice.

As an art form, it originated in the 1960s. From the start, artists concentrated on performance art, where people became the core part of the actions, either chorographical or improvised ones. In other words, it was all about the show with some particular focus. The use and depiction of bodies and their parts allowed art curators to make bold and socially important art statements. The thing is that seeing real people can evoke a unique gamut of feelings that paintings cannot arouse.

Body art

The topics and themes of such art performances greatly vary. Quite often, it is something about self-acceptance and personal identification. Nowadays, people try to fight harmful stereotypic notions and traditions that often put individuals under stress and pressure. At the same time, it can also be the celebration of nude art, which is a separate art style itself.

Body art

If you are looking for some unrivaled experience, body art is your million-to-one chance to find it. In this art, the beauty and complexity of the human body combine with the depth and richness of the human soul.

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