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Exceptional Russian Art Auction by Millon in Paris

Over the centuries, Russian art and antiques have not lost their status of highly valuable and sought-after collectibles. Thanks to their cultural richness and diversity, works of art made by Russian artists and artisans will never go out of fashion. If you want to invest in fine art, or if you are just looking for some valuables to buy, you should consider the upcoming Russian art auction by the French auction house Millon. The sale will start on June 1, with the public viewing scheduled for May 29-31.

Let’s look at this important auction in detail.

Russian art auction by Millon

Russian art auction by Millon

Exceptional Russian art auction by Millon

The auction will be held at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris and will offer 311 unique lots celebrating great Russian aesthetics and powerful artistic expression. The expert of the auction is Maxime Charron, a founder of Royal Provenance Gallery and a notable specialist in Russian art and antiques. Here are some of the auction highlights you do not want to miss.

Russian art auction

Lot 55 – “An Oasis in Egypt” by Ivan Aivazovsky

Antique Orthodox icons and paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky, Jacques Chapiro, and Felix Varla will be at the forefront of the Russian art auction.

Lot 156 – Maria Kuznetsova’s dress for the opera Eugene Onegin

Special attention will be paid to the items that once belonged to the famous Russian opera singer Maria Nikolaevna Kuznetsova. Among them are a beautiful dress worn at the Mariinsky Theatre for the opera Eugene Onegin, Ruckert napkin rings for Fabergé, and Salon paintings by Kuznetsova’s father and uncle.

Russian art auction

Lot 158 – Portrait of Maria Kuznetsova in the role of Juliet by Nikolai Kuznetsov

The upcoming auction is also replete with fine accessories and décor, such as goldsmiths’ works and enamels, including a remarkable bowenite vase by Rappoport for Faberge.

Russian art auction

Lot 205 – Bowenite vase by Rappoport for Faberge

One part of the auction is dedicated to fine jewelry and precious items, including malachites, bronzes, historical souvenirs, and military artifacts. A special focus is on the Cartier frame for the Romanov family.

Lot 235 – Cartier frame for the Romanov family

Millon’s art auction rediscovers the beauty of Russian art by offering a truly diverse selection of artworks created by or associated with a number of significant and prominent historical and cultural figures. Don’t miss it!

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