Four Toxic Mindsets that Prevent You from Becoming an Artist

Four Toxic Mindsets that Prevent You from Becoming an Artist

In today’s world, a lot of us feel like we have to constantly push ourselves to achieve our goals. While discipline and hard work are essential to reaching your dream, it is very easy to slip into self-destructive habits. When it comes to art, things get more tricky: since the art world is very unpredictable, a lot of beginners either give up before even properly starting or quickly plunge into an art block. To remind you that you are not alone in your worries, let’s look at five toxic mindsets that all beginner artists are familiar with.

Four Toxic Mindsets that Prevent You from Becoming an Artist

You are a real artist only if you went to an art school

This is simply not true. Self-taught artists are incredibly common in the art world. Throughout history, there have always been talents who never received formal education but managed to perfect their skills on their own by learning from their peers. Autodidactic methods are just as valid as institutionalized ones, so do not let yourself get discouraged by people who say that you need a college degree to become a great artist.

You have to buy expensive art supplies to make good art

Another common misconception among those who are just starting their creative journey is that they have to spend enormous amounts of money to make art. However, this is not the reality, especially today when there are a lot of affordable art supplies available on the market.

No one will like your art

Everyone wants to receive acknowledgment and approval. However, it might not come as fast as we would like it to, and that can be a huge demotivating factor. To combat self-deprecation, stay grounded and remember that everything will come with time. Plus, other people’s opinions should matter very little to an artist. If great masters listened to everyone who had something to say about their artwork, we would never see their groundbreaking work.

It is too late for you to start creating art

One of the most toxic mindsets you can adopt at the beginning of your artistic career is that there is a certain age when it is too late to start creating art. There are world-famous artists we now consider legends who painted their first pieces when they were already past their early 20s. One of the most striking examples is Anna Mary Robertson Moses, or Grandma Moses, an artist who began painting at the age of 78 and became a major figure in the American folk art movement.

Toxic mindsets are dangerous because they make us believe what our insecurities tell us. By knowing how to identify and fight them, you will become the best version of yourself. Good luck!