National Treasure: 7 Famous American Artists of All Time

National Treasure: 7 Famous American Artists of All Time

The 4th of July is a memorable and special day for every American citizen who loves their country and culture. Independence Day has always been a symbol of unity and love for the freedom fostered in the American way of life. The US today wouldn’t be the same country without the massive contributions of its sons and daughters who made their land a platform for developing diversity and inclusivity. To commemorate the Declaration of Independence in 1776, let’s pay tribute to the famous American artists whose art brought changes to the American culture and society.

National Treasure: 7 Famous American Artists of All Time

1. Gilbert Stuart 

Gilbert Stuart was one of the foremost American portraitists who produced portraits of over 1,000 people. His best-known work was the unfinished portrait of George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

2. Grant Wood

Subtly humorous scenes of rural people and folklore subjects from American history made Grant Wood’s paintings exceptionally valuable for understanding the discrepancies of the American reality of that time.

3. Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper is one of the best American artists and realists who knew how to depict isolation, loneliness, and banal situations in an unconditional way. He was one of those few creators who drew people’s attention to the internal experience that they get from daily life.

4. Norman Rockwell 

Compared to Hopper, Normal Rockwell focused on the depiction of ordinary everyday life. His hyperrealism evoked a strong emotional response, as the paintings he created were indeed the “greatest show window in America.” Artist’s exaggerated realism was combined with a small portion of caricature that made imaginary situations look rather lively.

5. Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe made it into history as one of the most successful American artists of all time, to say nothing of her contribution to the growth and popularization of women’s art. She was acknowledged for her New York skyscrapers, flowers, and colorful landscapes.

6. Jackson Pollock

America and abstract expressionism wouldn’t be the same without Jackson Pollock, a man whose technique of pouring and dripping paint over the canvas gave birth to action painting. A fun fact: he was called “Jack the Dripper” because of his revolutionary style.

7. Keith Haring

Challenges of modern American and other societies were the major topics in Keith Haring’s art. The shining star of the pop art movement fought for a healthier environment for all people in every sense of the word.

Happy Independence Day!