What Is an Art Zine, and How Can Making One Boost Your Creativity?

What Is an Art Zine, and How Can Making One Boost Your Creativity

Every artist has their own creative process, but they all could probably agree on one thing — making art is stressful. Not only do you want to present your unique ideas to the world in the most authentic way possible, but you are constantly under pressure to be better, more innovative, and more productive than your peers. On top of that, navigating the constantly changing art market, with trends and names coming and going every day, can be incredibly daunting, even for seasoned artists. That is why it is crucial for all creative people who make art professionally to have a let-out. Are you one of those artists who are slowly burning out and struggling to enjoy their old creative routine? Then you should try making an art zine.

What is an art zine?

Short from ‘magazine,’ a zine is a self-published booklet usually intended for small-scale distribution. This art form originated in communities that wanted a way to express their honest views independently but had limited resources and no power. Because of that, art zines are easy for anyone to make. What could be better for an artist stuck in a rut? Here is why you should try your hand at making an art zine to boost your creative energy.

Making an art zine encourages you to get creative with what you have. Most historical art zines were drawn and assembled by hand or printed using the simplest technology available to anyone. Zines also provide a great platform for experimenting with different mediums and techniques. In addition, art zines do not have to adhere to a specific theme. Whatever you are interested in, you can make a booklet about it, with no feelings of judgment involved. In short, there are no rules or restrictions in zine making.

One thing all artists struggle with is pressure, be it from the industry or the internal struggle of constantly comparing yourself to other creatives. But when making a zine, you are completely free from all expectations. There can be no perfection or failure in zine-making by definition. They are also often distributed for free, so you will not feel pressured into making money off of them.

Zine-making does not have to be a one-off thing. If you find that you enjoy this form of self-expression, an amazing community of zine artists will welcome you with open arms.