New Platform 101 Exhibition Explores the Future of Digital Art

New Platform 101 Exhibition Explores the Future of Digital Art

Have you ever considered a pixel as an element on its own? It is an indispensable component of any digital artwork, so it is usually viewed as a component of the whole image and not as a separate entity. We refer to the phenomenon that occurs when pixels become unbounded by their designated places as a glitch, a distortion that signifies a problem or an error. However, Platform 101 offers an entirely new perspective on glitches by purposefully making it a focal point of its exhibitions. The recent Platform 101 exhibition “Digital Artists,” held on June 24 in Washington, DC, allowed the audience to take a glimpse into the future of digital art.

Platform 101 Exhibition Explores the Future of Digital Art

Inspired by the Manifesto of Iranian Glitch Art written by Mohammad Ali Famori, the curator and director of Platform 101, “Digital Artists” centered around black-and-white visuals and video art. The rejection of color in the exhibition suggested new ways of perceiving art, focusing on form and thus enhancing the natural characteristics of glitch aesthetics. The event took place this Saturday at NW DC Event Space in Washington, DC, and was organized in collaboration with Web3DC and DMV Digital Art.

The audience was invited to participate in an immersive experience that reflected the future of digital art. Web 3.0 and blockchains are now changing the current artistic landscape of the world, and Platform 101 makes a valuable contribution to the integration of this innovative technology into art, collaborating with the leading figures in the field.

Among the artists featured in the event were Mohammad Ali Famori, Reza Famori, Arezou Ramezani, Mohammad Abdollahzade, Ramin Saeidian, Yasamin Asgharizadeh, Nima Mansoury, Arash Masoom, Sadeq Majlesipour, and Shiva Tabar. Artists represented by DMV Digital Art also made a contribution to the exhibition.

Platform 101 was founded in Iran in 2018 by Mohammad Ali Famori, an Iranian multidisciplinary and award-winning artist and art curator. While the institution is relatively young, it has already developed its own unique voice and vision that differentiates it from other digital art projects, becoming a center of progressive art in Iran and beyond. As for glitch art, it continues to attract artists from all over the world, so we will likely see more innovative art pieces in the nearest future.

Photo courtesy of Platform 101